Cooler with Kuler

Every trade has its tricks. And it’s not very often that one trick can carry over into another trade. So when I found a trick that carried over, I was pretty excited.

As a graphic designer by trade, we have all sorts of tools to help us out. Like a writer, we can sometimes get blocked. That’s where a few tricks can come in handy.

Some days colours never seem to work. In that case, Adobe Kuler is the place to go. You can create your own colour palette or check out what other people have been working on. It’s a never-ending site of inspiration for anyone who works with colour at all.

I was browsing the site the other day and came across this palette:


I love the deep chocolate brown with the teal and vibrant red. Rather than open a design program, I dove into my yarn bins. This is now what’s warped on my loom:



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