Work What You’ve Got

I have no shortage of fibre goodies. Some may say I have too much. Pfft! Like that’s a thing. Even if you have more than enough, sometimes you just need to put a different material in your hands.

Lately, I’ve had the dilemma of where to store all my yarns. I could go out and buy baskets or materials to make baskets, but why bother when I know I’ve already got tonnes of stuff spilling out of my shelves and closets.IMG_20170510_145432.jpg

I decided to try my hand at plarn. Yes, plarn. Or plastic yarn. Or plastic grocery bags cut up and looped together into a long chain that can be used like yarn. This material has been used to make and supply water resistant sleeping mats for the homeless. I wasn’t feeling so philanthropic and my efforts were entirely selfish.

It was an interesting experiment in patience, materials, and trial and error. The end results, though, were pleasing. I thought the finished product would be more stiff and scratchy, but for plastic, it’s surprisingly soft and springy. I didn’t count, but I estimate that this one basket used about fifty bags. Thought the bags were all taupe, the variation in tone added an interesting effect in the final outcome.
Whether I make another attempt is yet to be seen, but now I have one more storage basket for my yarn!



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