My Favourite Part

I just pulled a piece of the loom I wasn’t thrilled with. In fact, it took me four whole days to get up the motivation to finish. I’ve learned though, that just because I don’t like something, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t, either. I’m sure I’ll find someone to love it for me.

But now that that is done with, I can move on to other things. Like my favourite part—throwing a bunch of yarn into a pile on the floor.


I go through bags, bins, boxes, and baskets looking for bits and pieces that may or may not go well together. I arrange and rearrange in my pile until I’m satisfied with the over all look and feel. It’s all about colour and texture. Since most handwoven items are hand wash only to begin with, I’m not very concerned about mixing different types of fibres. (Anyone who wants to put one of my finished pieces in a washing machine doesn’t deserve to have one.)

So now I’m off to the warping mill and then the loom. Only time will tell if my pile has paid off.


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