Rose Garden

IMG_20170421_175456I go through phases. My psychological makeup makes me autodidactic and allows me to hyperfocus when I find a situation or activity interesting. How is that for big words? Simply put, I can teach myself almost anything in a short period of time—which is good because my attention span isn’t that long. If I happen to teach myself something interesting, I go at it full force until I’m bored with it and then I move on to the next.


My current phase might be considered a Saori type of weaving. There are no rules. I put a bunch of coloured yarns and threads in a pile adding ones I like, removing ones I don’t. When I’m satisfied with the overall look, I go for it. Within an hour, I can have a new warp tied on to my loom (I have a dummy warp set up so I don’t have to re-thread every time) and by the end of the day, I can pull off a finished project.

I usually stick to scarves 18-25″ wide with a warp around 100″. Any longer and my attention span will run out and the project will sit on the loom indefinitely. I’ve pulled five scarves off the loom in the last week and have another ready to tie on.

The latest is this lovely pink and green creation. A single ball of novelty yarn got this one rolling and, in the end, I’ve got a rose garden to keep me warm.



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