Anyone who has ever taken on a fibre project would know that there are always ends. If you’re going to make a blanket or a sweater, you buy an extra ball or skein of yarn just in case. When you’re done you’ve got less than a ball left and nothing to do with it.

I’ve been collecting ends like this for years. I inherited my mother’s collection of ends. She collected her grandmother’s collection of ends. Needless to say, I have a lot of bits of a lot of yarns, but not much of any of them.

IMG_20170419_171406_editBut I found hope when I found out about a non-traditional style of weaving. I’m no professional. I haven’t even been playing the weaving game for long. I just enjoy playing. Ever since I saw a project done in Saori style, I discovered hope for my boxes of half balls and knotted ends. It’s addictive. Grab a bunch of yarns and threads that look like they match and have at ‘er. There are no rules. Texture and thickness are a matter of taste and style. Grab a handful and start warping. No cross required if you’re brave enough. You may even surprise yourself with the results.




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