Down the Rabbit Hole

Do you ever start something with the belief that it will be simple? Not much involved? Easy? I started one of those things at the beginning of this year.

Simple. Easy. Ha!

I was introduced to the world of spinning and weaving. Not much to it. Or so I thought.IMG_20160304_114435.jpg

The world of fibre arts is a deep, deep rabbit hole. You start with one thing and then move on to another and another and another. Spinning yarn isn’t enough. Soon, you have to
IMG_20160211_175316.jpgstart dyeing your own. And when you run out of commercially prepared fibre and someone drops off a bag of freshly shorn fleece, you simply can’t turn it down.

So once you’ve learned to spin, dye, and process your own wool, you’ll have a pile of handspun yarn waiting to be used. What then?

You could go back to the same old crocheting, but that’s boring. You’ve got some new and exciting yarn, you need a new and exciting craft!

So I got sucked into weaving. It was difficult not to when the local Spinners and Weavers Guild room is always full of projects on the go.

“Why don’t you try this?” is a challenge for me. Whether it be a fibre I’ve never spun before – like silk, flax, or cotton, or a new way of using what I’ve spun, I can’t turn down a challenge.

The beautiful thing about weaving is that you don’t even need a pattern. Using this pattern-less method, it’s pretty difficult to make a mistake. Not to mention, the possibilities are endless.