The Cost of Salvation

Lately, I’ve been inundated with church brochures and flyers. Whether it be from a church I’ve visited, events I’ve been invited to or samples to look at, there is one resounding similarity. They all suck. Well, maybe not all, but at least 90% of them do. 

This got me thinking. One of the major responses I’ve had from ministries it that proper design is just not something that’s in the budget right now. My question is this: what is one salvation worth to you?

This past weekend my church hosted a one day seminar on Pursuing Your Destiny. This was the graphic we plastered all over the newspaper, church and social media:


Aside from making people slightly uncomfortable by having a giant eye staring at them, it drew a lot of attention. For me, it was all worth it when a women who was in attendance came up to me and said that her only reason for being there was because that graphic caught her eye.

How much stock do we in the ministry put into what we’re showing the world? I was recently handed a leaflet for a youth event that looked like something that would have been handed out back in the day when I was still in Sunday school. No young person that I know of would be drawn to an outreach that’s represented like a kids event from the 90’s.

Whether it’s in the budget or not, we need to be aware that people are looking at us. We’re being watched closely and when we get a chance to reach out, what are churches offering? Something whipped up in Word with cheesy clip art and all caps.

Hey church, what is a single salvation worth to you? Personally, I think it’s worth making room in the budget to present something that’s worthwhile that will actually draw people in rather than push them away (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a graphic designer and would be more than willing to help you revamp all your graphics).