tearsIn speaking of vision and God’s call on your life, I have heard it said that one should embrace their misery and make it their ministry. This doesn’t mean one needs to be horribly sad and depressed all the time. It means to take that certain thing that bothers you, that speaks to your soul, and do something about it.

If you hurt for orphans, maybe you should adopt or consider working at an adoption agency or at an orphanage.

If you can’t stand amateurs who try to run sound in the church, maybe you should learn how to do it yourself, do it well and train others to do it well.

If you’re tired of reading the same old fluff that fills bookstore shelves everywhere, maybe you should write what you’d want to read.

Me, I have a big issue with churches who present themselves as behind-the-times and obviously cheap. As a Christian and a graphic designer, I grieve for those churches who are still letting a little old lady type out the bulletin on a typewriter and, every once in a while, use clip art. (And by clip art, I mean the old school stuff that comes in a book, needs to be photocopied, clipped out, taped onto the page and photocopied again.)

So what am I going to do about my misery? 

Well, I’ve already taken over all of the graphics in my own church, but that doesn’t mean I’m not at all bothered by nearly every other church out there. I’ve recently opened a new section in my Etsy shop for Church Resources. While I’m not holding my breath that people from all over will flock to my shop, the resources will be there, available for download for those who really want to make their church look good.

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