ImageI have heard it said that there are no original ideas. That what we may consider something new and original is only a theme or variation of another existing idea. We takes seeds from a full blown thought and plant them to begin a new one.

If you plant an apple seed, is it considered the same tree from which the original apple came? or is it a new tree?

Every book hold the seeds of a thousand stories.

~ Jessica Hagy, writer

So here is my question: are we, as creatives, merely harvesting seeds of someone else’s idea, or are we taking those thoughts and recreating them into new, original works?

I choose to believe that there still are original ideas. We were, after all, created in God’s image and he is The Creator. Just because one idea sparks another doesn’t mean it’s not original. It just means it holds the same potential as that apple – an entire orchard full of apple trees that are heavy with more apples all with that same potential.



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