Let me try a bite first.

Elizabeth Jordan PortfolioIn my line of work, there is no shortage of people who just don’t understand the process or what they’re really paying for. Graphic design is not just a product. It is years of training, hours and hours of training the brain to think and react creatively, it’s concept development, hours staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen (yes, this really is work). The final product is only a fraction of what design really is.

Too many times, I’ve seen people looking to hire, but refusing to even consider a designer who does not provide samples before any decision or payment is made.

“Please send mock ups.” 

“I will not hire people who can’t provide me with at least 3 ideas first.”

“Don’t bother applying if you want to be paid for the first round of work.”

To me, that’s like going to a fine restaurant and asking to sample half of the menu, but refusing to pay for it until you’ve made a solid decision on what you want. Or going to the grocery store and peeling every banana to check for bruises under the skin before you head to the checkout. Or going to a museum asking to see some of the exhibits to see if you’ll really like it before paying the entrance fee.

In most cases, people don’t expect something for nothing. So why do people expect it of designers?

Why do we expect it of God?

Do we ask God to prove himself in a certain task before we trust him completely? Or do we trust him implicitly based on his previous track record because we can see that he has proven himself over and over in his portfolio of previous work?


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