Psalm 150:6


One of the first full chapters in the Bible I ever memorized was Psalm 150. It seems that those first few verses that you commit to memory stick with you for the rest of your life. I have a lot easier time remembering the scriptures I memorized as a kid than the ones I tried to remember as an adult.

I heard a speaker this weekend talking about the difference between God’s power and other powers we see manifested on the earth (he was speaking in reference to a particular illusionist who is known for accomplishing the impossible). The power that many find on earth seeks only to glorify man. It is selfish and withholds from others. The power that flows from God never boasts and is always beneficial to someone else. It always points back to God and is for the benefit of His creation. This verse in Psalms reminds me of that. We forget that humans aren’t the only living, breathing things here on the earth. Beyond us, there are the animals around us. Pets, farm animals, bugs… And beyond those are plants. Trees, grass, flowers… Everything that lives and breaths gives glory to God.

What we do that most gives glory back to God is to act like Him. In love. In kindness. In goodness. In generosity. In creativity. God is the ultimate creator. When we act like Him and put things into being that once never existed, it glorifies Him whether we see that or not.


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