An instructor told me recently that every designer should do a series of creative exercises every day. Something that has nothing to do with a job you are working on and that can be done in a relatively short amount of time (an hour or less). This keeps a constant flow of creativity going and allows a designer to explore ideas that they otherwise may never approach – things like typography, Photoshop brushes, Illustrator clipping masks and an assortment of other goodies we all learned in school and then promptly forgot about. I decided that, if I’m going to build myself up creatively, conceptually and technically, that I could also be building myself up spiritually.

Today I spent an hour staring at these words for Colossians 1:16 (NASB) and as I did so, began to wonder how this verse could be rendered visually. When I think of the sheer vastness of God, my mind immediately goes to creation – this spectacular universe in which we live. I believe I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again – I cannot look at the world, galaxy and universe around me and not believe in a divine creator. If good design cannot happen on it’s own, this world in which we live is not the result of millennia of evolution that magically burst forth from a whole bunch of nothing. Besides, when was last time you multiplied anything by zero and got something other than zero? The idea that the universe came from nothing is a mathematical impossibility.

As I work on these exercises, I will continue to post them. Feel free to download and use them as wallpaper. They will all be sized for 1600 x 900 screen resolution at 72 dpi.

As for how I accomplished this piece, the text was created in Illustrator CS6. “HIM” is set in Bodoni Poster and the verse inside is set in various weights of Avenir. I created outlines of all the type and created compound paths so that I could subtract the verse from “HIM”. Once the vector was saved, I pulled it into Photoshop. The background is made up of three layers of rendered clouds in various colours overlayed with pieces masked out to create the look of a supernova. The stars are from a set of free brushes I found at Brusheezy.



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