The Golden Section

ImageFor anyone who has learned anything of design, this diagram should be familiar. It is known as Fibonacci’s Spiral which is based on a complex formula that I cannot even begin to make sense of. The centre of this spiral creates the “golden section” of a composition – the place where the focal point is most effective. Whether a design uses this theory on purpose or not, you may find that many famous works of art pull your attention to a certain point on the page. Lay this spiral over the piece and you’ve found your golden section.

Fibonacci may have been the one to figure the calculations for this magic line, but he was certainly not the inventor of it. Look around you and Fibonacci’s Spiral is everywhere: a seashell, a pine cone, a galaxy, a sunflower, a hurricane.

How ignorant are we to believe that humans came up with such concepts. God was way ahead of us, putting things in place so that we could discover them and realise just how much thought went into the world around us. God was the originator of the “Golden Section”. We are merely imitators.ImageImageImageImageImage


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